As you slide down the banisters of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.

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Available November 11th from Samhain

Available November 11th from Samhain

Welcome to my latest journey.  I’m hoping that blessings will outweigh troubles as I dip my toes in the world of blogging.  On November 11th, my very first manuscript “The Catcher and the Lie” will be e-published with Samhain.  I’m equal parts excited and nervous.  No one close to me (family nor friend) has ever read my work.  Another manuscript,”Ready to Take a Chance Again“, will be published with The Wild Rose Press in 2009. 

Running a marathon and writing a novel always seemed far beyond my reach.  I admired, even envied, those that had the fortitude and commitment to achieve such lofty goals.  Frankly, the running thing is never going to happen for me.  But I’m wildly excited to say…I have written a novel.  Several.  The goal is now shifting.   Can I write an even better story?  Can I catch the eye of an agent?  Maybe.  But for now — I’m just super grateful that the splinters on this slide were all pointing the right way


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