It’s a dogs world


Confession time — I love my boys!  All of them.  My two sons + my husband + our three dogs.  Yes, we share our home with three male dogs — two of which were acquired from our local humane society.  Today I said goodbye to a formerly beautiful set of couches (less than three years old) that suffered tremendously under the weight of two puppies trying to adjust to life outside of a shelter.  It was a small price to pay.  I’m hoping that the wall chewing will abate quickly though (chew toys haven’t exactly been doing the trick)…because when winter comes the boys will be spending more time indoors where boredom can hit early and often!


3 thoughts on “It’s a dogs world

  1. I think Terry has a valid point. What person in their right mind would own 3 dogs ? And what of your carbon footprint ? With 3 dogs under foot, aren’t you more concerned with constantly watching your next step, both inside + outside the house ?

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