All the blood to your brain is in vain

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Today started on a cranky note for me.  Yes – I enjoyed mega cups of coffee.  Yes – I had the pleasure of watching my boys roll around like mud wrestlers before school.  Yes – I ate a very yummy cherry poptart instead of a bowl of flaky cereal.  My problem?  The news, baby.  Report don’t editorialize.  Most of your audience is neither naive nor stupid.  We know when you are voicing your opinion versus delivering factual information.  I enjoy outdoor activity as much as the next person — but I don’t like watching an anchorman on a fishing expedition.  Scouring the internet for obscure commentary to bolster your views is bogus.  Take a risk – prove that all the blood to your brain is NOT in vain!


One thought on “All the blood to your brain is in vain

  1. Listen toots, I’m calling Barbara Streisand on this one. Last night was Thursday night and everyone/everywhere knows that Thursday night is Ladie’s Night. If you’ve got a problem this morning, it’s only because you were out all night power-pounding whiskey sours ! Stop your bitching ….

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