Do Not Try This At Home…


It’s Monday morning.  The temperature is only in the mid-forties.  And I’m hungry.  Really hungry.  The problem is I’ve eaten breakfast (yummy waffles with real Vermont maple syrup) and my hips do not need a snack at 9:00am. 

As I linger perilously close to my cookie stash I spot a small tub of Dubble Bubble gum.  My first crisis of the day.  Do I reach for a glob of tempting pink sugar knowing that my extremely brittle teeth may lash back at me by breaking mid-chew?

Aha!  It hits me in a flash.  I dab a couple of drops of water on a stick of gum and place it in the microwave for eight seconds.  The result — a soft and warm square inch of sugar perfection. 

For a few moments I cling to the illusion that I am indeed a creative problem solver and a culinary genius 🙂 It’s better than accepting the fact that only a total goofball would nuke gum!!!


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