What I Like About You…


Well, not you actually 🙂  Fall is beautiful, particularly in the northeast.  Here are just a few reasons why I love it!

  • Colored leaves are everywhere (particularly on my neighbor’s lawns).  For some odd reason our trees are the last to shed and usually blow away before we need to dig out the rakes.  YEAH!
  • Area farms celebrate the season with hay rides, haunted mazes, and extraordinary pumpkin patches.  Please take note: neither the pumpkins nor the beer bottles pictured here belong to me!  HONEST 🙂
  • Baseball playoffs are in high gear — GO RED SOX!
  • The temperature has been hovering in the high 60’s – low 70’s; perfect for outdoor activity with the kids and our THREE dogs.  (Yes, I must always emphasize that number to remind me that we’ve reached our limit on four legged friends and must avoid the Humane Society until we learn to say no).
  • Halloween costumes.  My boys are a little late picking out their costumes this year, so today is the day we shop.  My dh is trying to convince our four year old that a UPS costume would be rip roaring fun.  Good luck with that!
  • Mowing the law.  Although I’m not big on bagging leaves, I LOVE riding the tractor.  I grew up outside of Boston and it just wasn’t hip to ride a lawn mower.  Putting on boots and a cowboy hat for forty-five minutes a week is like a mini-vacation. (Yes, I’m serious).
  • Outdoor fire pit — love my chimnea!  A perfect way to end a day as long as no one catches fire.  Yes, the dogs tend to poke their noses way too close to the flames.  I think the smell of roasting marshmallows (and the creation of smores) is too difficult for them to resist.
  • Hot apple cider and fresh apple pie — yummy, yummy, yummy! 

The only thing I’m missing is some good reading material.  The best books I’ve read recently have come from Scholastic Book Clubs.  SkippyjonJones rocks!  You don’t have to be six to enjoy a story about a Siamese kittenboy who can’t resign himself to being an ordinary cat.  Grab a copy at Borders – you’ll love it!


3 thoughts on “What I Like About You…

  1. I want to party with you Cowgirl! I don’t buy the “not me” pumpkin story. Not to worry, booze makes the creative juices flow. Love to know how many gallons it took to write your two books. Anyway, too bad about Myrtle Fargate passing away. I will never stay in another boarding house. Off to watch the Sox vs. Rays! Looking forward to your tid-bits tomorrow. Ciao!!

  2. Oh my, that poor Mrs. Jones. Don’t know any thing about this SKIPPYJON character but her other son, PACMAN, was arrested again down in Dallas the other night for beating up his own bodyguard in the men’s room. Also heard that JERRY Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was going to put a call into WHITNEY HOUSTON to see if he could borrow KEVIN COSTNER to replace the poor slob that PACMAN beat up ….

  3. Hi Terry! I’m purely a green tea drinker — good for the body and for the environment 🙂 GO GREEN!

    Howdy Gus! Man you know that notion just crossed my mind!!! You might not have heard – but their uncle Casey Jones is ready; watch your speed; trouble ahead and trouble behind.

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