Dogs of the World Unite…Brother Can you Lend a Paw?


Although none of my canines are ‘blood’ relatives they stand united in their commitment to always remain one step ahead of their human counterparts.  On most days they tolerate my efforts to keep their antics confined to a large den and a fenced in backyard.  These areas have witnessed the battle between large teeth and furniture fabric.  The rest of my home has remained relatively unscathed.

This brings me to a welcome home (unwelcome) surprise.  When I left yesterday to pick up my children from school, my three lovely mutts were napping in front of the sliding glass doors – soaking up sun and dreaming of wayward chipmunks.  I secured a four foot gate (normal procedure) at the entry to the den and blew a kiss in their general direction.

Thirty-five minutes later they greeted me at the back door.  Free. Happy.  Full of chewed DVD’s, discarded trash, fruit off of the counter.  You name it — they ate it 🙂 

Here’s the fun part of the story.  The gate was still in place (slightly tilted but upright and locked).  Now I can visualize my border collie mix gathering his courage and taking a grand leap.  And the beagle/walker -well he is a trailblazer – trained on the streets; lived hard and loved freely before the bonds of adoption.  No doubt he concocted the scheme and took the lead on the breakout.  But the basset hound…well, let’s just say gravity is not on his side.  Frankly, there is no way he scaled that wall alone.  He had to have help on the inside.  Did they form a canine ladder?  Did they approach their escape like a game of leap frog? 

Right now it remains an Unsolved Mystery!  Round one goes to the dogs!


2 thoughts on “Dogs of the World Unite…Brother Can you Lend a Paw?

  1. Well, as that favorite pop icon from the 80’s Mr. STING might sing, ” If You Love Somebody Set Them Free “. Of course, perhaps your hounds are a little more old school.That poor Basset Hound looks likes he’s been around the block. Perhaps JANICE JOPLIN’S old ditty “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose …” is a little more apropo ….

  2. They ain’t nothin but hound dogs crying all the time…really just ask my neighbors!

    But we do have joy, we have fun, we have seasons in the sun 🙂 So, there will be no independence day in their near futures.

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