Are You Ready to Take a Chance Again …in 167 Days?










Yippee!  My lovely editor with ‘The Wild Rose Press’ just sent me release date information for ‘Ready to Take a Chance Again’. 

Page Count: 252
Digital Release Date: 2009-04-03
Digital Price: 6.00

Print Release Date: 2009-04-03
Print Price: 12.99

Print ISBN: 1-60154-431-6

Print ISBN 13: 9781601544315



Turning to Barry Manilow for inspiration seemed desperate, even to Grace Winston. Nevertheless, a warbled rendition of Ready to Take a Chance Again, chased down with an overabundance of cheap chardonnay, left Grace primed for an extreme life makeover. Now she must choose between a flame that burned her in the past and an engaging man with a past of his own.

After a decade in the military, Jake Magee is finally ready to settle down with the woman he’s spent years dreaming about. Unfortunately, past mistakes threaten to derail his plan to show Grace he can be the man she always wanted. To win her heart, he must first find a way to win back her trust.



11 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Take a Chance Again …in 167 Days?

  1. Ready to take a chance again ? In 167 days ? Listen young lady, I’m ready to take a chance again tomorrow night, SAT. 10/18 , when those BOSTON RED SOX travel to Tampa Bay for GAME 6. 167 days ? Never mind that …. I say, ” CUE UP THOSE DUCK BOATS ” !!!!!!

  2. Well kids, here’s a nod to my boys McFadden + Whitehead, circa ’79, with the all-time classic – ” AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ US NOW …. ” Why not head over to You Tube + check it out …. And will somebody please – ” CUE UP THOSE DUCKBOATS ” !!!!!

  3. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo reading this Rita. (My best friend is buying a copy over the internet and letting me read it with her.)Don’t worry I won’t make fun of it (well…probably not)

  4. Oh joy ! The release date for your new tome, “Ready To Take a Chance Again” is April 3, 2009. That of course is only 3 days before Opening Day for those Boston Red Sox, as they take on the mighty Tampa Bay Rays on April 6th. Yipppppppeeeeey !!!!!! I just can’t wait …..

  5. Au contraire, mi amor, au contraire. Would never suggest anything of the sort. My thought was that if we could get copies of your book into the hands of each member of the Red Sox prior to Opening Day, we might be able to inspire the team on to great things in ’09 …. KEEP HOPE ALIVE !

  6. Hmmmm! Jumping on that thought — maybe I should mail copies of my baseball story, THE CATCHER AND THE LIE, to all the Red Sox player wives?

    Do you want to take that as an action item, Gus?

  7. Young lady that’s a fabou idea, but …. Take it one step further. Why not mail it to other teams, other wives, etc …. Wouldn’t it be something if you could get JERRY REMY + DON ORSILLO talking about it ! Track down SEAN McDONOUGH, JOE BUCK, TIM McCARVER, etc …. How ’bout those gals @ the TRACK (Herald) ?

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