Please Join Me on Election Day…Part 1


After extensive over indulgence in food (no liquids unfortunately) I’ve come to the realization that this may be the year I exercise my right to choose my own candidate for President.  As I ponder the endless possibilities I’m drawn repeatedly back to one individual whom I believe can appeal to a broad public spectrum: (see below):


  • Hollywood would love this chick — she’s all about peace!
  • Global Economists could breathe a sigh of relief — check out the chunky gold; clearly she knows how to invest $$$ wisely.
  • Look at the background:  This woman screams tree hugging, environmentalist.  GO GREEN!!!
  • She’s…well, she is a SHE.  Let’s face it there is a segment of the population that places a great deal of stock in the gender of a candidate.
  • Look at that smile.  In these turbulent times this country needs an individual that can laugh in the face of absurdity.

🙂  Here’s hoping that everyone exercises their right to VOTE responsibly!


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