John Stossel: “I just want clueless people to find something else to do on Nov. 4.”


Maybe you are familiar with John Stossel of ABC’s 20/20.  Tonight he asks the question whether it should be the duty of some US citizens not to vote.  If you lack an ever loving clue, would it be better for everyone if you just stayed home on November 4th?  Some will suggest, no doubt, that this is an attack on younger members of our society.  Some will say this is nothing more than an elitist pipe dream. 

While I do not believe we should create a litmus test to determine voter eligibility; it would be wonderful if people didn’t simply exercise their right to vote – but actually invested the time needed to understand the issues fully (but holy hades DO NOT rely on a single news source to cement your understanding of civics).

Registering at a rock concert may be wonderful.  But if you recognize Judge Judy and haven’t a clue who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is – maybe you should skip the music and pick up a history book!!!!

P.S.  – I keep hearing people say that this candidate or that candidate brought them to tears.  Tears?  I’m sorry that’s a little scary to me.  Unless you’re crying in your beer I’m not really sure why any politician can evoke that much emotion with a planned (often disingenuous) speech.


9 thoughts on “John Stossel: “I just want clueless people to find something else to do on Nov. 4.”

  1. I missed the 20/20 story.I was enjoying a
    doc. on PBS that nite.Bob Dylan at the Newport
    Folk Fest[63,64,65] To quote Mr Zimmerman ‘Time’s they are a changing’


  2. Howdy Paul!

    How many tears must Ben Affleck cry
    Before he wins the Pulitzer for Peace?
    How many years will freedom exist
    Before the flakes flush us down the drain?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind,
    The answer is blowin in the wind!

  3. At this late date (Sun. 11/2), how can anyone possibly be UNDECIDED as to whom they’ll cast a vote for on Tuesday ? With polling data suggesting as many as 5% to 7% of likely voters still undecided, I believe there’s a strong posssibility of an election ” shocker ” in the offing ….

  4. Mr. KERSEY –

    Times they surely are changing. Must be a kinder, gentler version of yourself who enjoys BOB DYLAN, The NEWPORT FOLK FEST, PBS, + signs off with “PEACE”. That’s certainly not like the MR. PAUL KERSEY that I remember from your “DEATH WISH” days ….

  5. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

    But the wine and the song

    like the seaons, all have gone.

    You like apples ? How ’bout dem dere apples ?

  6. Did you know that Terry Jack’s wrote that song
    for the Beach Boy’s? At the time the band was having some problem’s, and passed on the song! The
    rest is now history.

  7. Mr. Kersey:

    Oh, the memories. The boys and I regularly listen to this classic over on You Tube:

    Maybe if I’m feeling maudlin on Election Day I’ll just keep hitting replay!!!!

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