This Just In….Election News Update



The media is now reporting that an unknown pollster has been fired and may face criminal charges for attempting to skew random poll results.  Apparently the young maverick tacked on a rogue question at the end of each phone call:  “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR EITHER OF THESE KNUCKLEHEADS?”


2 thoughts on “This Just In….Election News Update

  1. Hey Rita ………… That actually looks like John Stossel’s son!! Why not get the whole family working. After all, when McCain wins, maybe he will pass a law that abolishes the ABC network!! We can only hope. Forget the election, more importantly ….. there are 9 days until The Catcher and the Lie hits the internet. Thanks Al Gore!! I will be at my keyboard at 12:01am. Keep it coming Kid!!

  2. Just Pat –

    Thanks for your support! I’m not sure what will happen on Tuesday. One thing I do know, is that I am going to avoid all media outlets until the end of the week. Somehow, the process becomes unbearable when you are bombarded by smug journalists who lost the only clue they had years ago!

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