Flash Update…


7148_smallAt five-fifty this morning I stood in line (no makeup, baggy jeans, pillow lines on my face) at my local polling site.  Behind me was a neighbor who had been a registered voter in my town for over thirty years.  Guess what?  His name was nowhere to be found on the records.  His wife was listed.  But, NO JOE!  I’m not sure exactly what he was thinking or how he felt.  But I can tell you this — I was miffed.  If after thirty-fives years of voting in the same spot your name suddenly disappears off the list there is something MUY WRONG with our process!

P.S.  How many ACORN registrants with the name Mickey Mouse will be able to vote today?  Yeah, but legitimate citizens — maybe, not so lucky!!!


4 thoughts on “Flash Update…

  1. Gus-

    Today I feel like someone stuffed toasted marshmallows between my ears — pan searing my brain!

    Hmmm…I’m pushing away from the keyboard now, in an effort to avoid the internet!

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