Waitress I need two more boat drinks…

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Post Election Day:  Game Over – Enough Said!


 Just Kidding!!!!  Two things crumbled my cookies this morning (NO POLITICS, I PROMISE).

  • Called the pediatrician’s office this morning to schedule flu shot appointments.  Last year I was told to wait until late Oct/ early Nov when they had their supply secured.  Much to my surprise and chagrin I was offered an appointment within a few hours that day.  I politely responded that the kids would be in school and without advance notice I didn’t feel comfortable pulling them.  Hmm, was then told the next slot was January 30th.  Huh?  Oh, wait, they can squeeze us in on December 18th.  Okay, they run like daily flu clinics and they can’t get us in until Christmas time.  Hello — my kids will already have come down with the darn flu by then.  Needless to say, I took a pass on that appointment.  GOOD GRIEF, Charlie Brown.
  • Called Customer Service for one newspaper we receive.  We let it run out at the end of last month, by not providing requested new expiration date info on the ccard.  Hmm, asked why they were still sending the paper.  Oh, because we didn’t cancel.  Explained that the letter said our service would stop without updated information.  Response — you will be billed through tomorrow.  Ah, no — we stopped October 31st.  When asked why we were discontinuing our service I simply stated it didn’t suit our current needs.  The rep proceeds to tell me I should probably keep it another month to really make sure.  Ah, no — I’m ding dang sure I don’t want it.  Tell her a little more about the lack of journalistic standards I perceive and why it offends me.  Her response — maybe you should keep it for the coupons!  Hmmm.  Words escape me.

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