“I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life …”

ImaginationnnnnnnnnOkay.  I used a little poetic license with my song lyric choice for the day (Dido, circa 1998 for all of you music buffs).  But yesterday was a very, very special day for me.  The release of my first novel, The Catcher and the Lie, signified the culmination of a life long dream.  So I do want to thank you for your support and encouragement!

Dan * nonnie * Dad * Uncle Gus  *tera  * my boys*  Moe *  Kat & Katie & Tara * wink & kelly * LTS  *samhain publishing  *john & mary  * Friends

old and new

*Guinness  * Sox  * Bailey


11 thoughts on ““I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life …”

  1. Well, this post has been up for a few hours now. Enough already. Isn’t it about time and aren’t long you overdue for the, ” WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY ” blog ?

  2. To my loving Wife, I am very very proud of you. It brings me great joy to see you achieve what I know means so much to you. This is only the beginning!! Much Love, Dan

  3. Whats up,can we get past the 12th? Gus must be going crazy by now.
    Congratulations from Mr.& Mrs. R.D.
    Oops gotta go the Bruins are back on.

  4. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? The Bruins are winning 2-0 and are in 1st place, 2nd seed.
    Get the NHL Package. You can pay for it with your royalty check.


  5. Ah, the Boston Bruins. Truly, there’s really nothing quite like some good + spirited hockey talk. Rita, you + Mr. Roland Deschain are probably too young but, do either of you remember Mr. Dave Shea, former Bruins T.V. play-by-play announcer back in the seventies + eighties ? Corpulent + with a severely pock-marked puss, Mr. Shea was the proud owner of both a face + physique surely made for RADIO ! Ah, the memories ….

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