Viva Las Vegas….(Part 1)


I Sports!  Baseball.  Hockey.  Football.  GolfWrestling.  You name it — I grew up watching it on televsion.  And honestly I even liked it then.  Huddled in a darkened den watching the Boston Bruins.  Sitting in the bleachers at Fenway Park with my dad on a Saturday afternoon (last minute tickets and my brothers weren’t home – so dad had little choice but to bring his youngest daughter).  Sundays in front of the fireplace watching the Patriots get stomped week after week. 

What the heck does this have to do with Las Vegas?  Well my husband just came back from a five day business trip with a special surprise.  No jewelry.  No jackpot winnings.  Something much more fun….A picture of FOOTBALL LEGEND — Kenny “The Snake” Stabler.  Now this is really cool because he was a fantabulous quarterback and he’s holding a promotional postcard of my first two novels. 


Mr. Stabler and his lovely wife were kind enough to oblige my enthusiastic husband.  I loved The Snake as a player and now I kind of have a crush on him for just being a cool guy!!!! 

Oh, the magic of Las Vegas!!!!!


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