If My Friends Could See Me Now….



Morning Adventure:  Once a week a lovely service, with the enchanting name Pooper Scooper, comes to my home and cleans the fenced in yard where my dogs roam freely.  Today I suffered a small snafu…unaware that the young woman had arrived to clean I opened the sliding glass doors and let the dogs out.  OOOOPS – the gate was wide open.  As I dashed through the snow in my bare feet, my four-year old stood by and shouted encouragement.  After five minutes I had successfully collected Sox and Guinness.  Bailey, the wily little street urchin, escaped.


Prancing through the snow he dodged every attempt I made at catching him. (My puppies do not wear collars any longer because the border collie chews them all off).  As the young woman looked on in amusement/horror I tried to sweet talk my beagle into returning home.  Finally I grabbed a bag of pizza goldfish and started sprinkling them all over the neighborhood.  By the time I finally cornered the muddy mutt with pizza breath, my toes were numb.


Instead of having to chastise my wayward little friend, his older brother intervened.  As I carried Bailey back into the kitchen my border collie ran over and bit him on the paw.  Ouch!!! The price of freedom is often too high!!!


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