Stuck On You….


If i only had a brain

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was waiting to hear back on a full ms I had submitted to my editor at Samhain.  This is a story that I wasn’t sure would find a home.  To my relief (and surprise) it wasn’t rejected outright.  In fact I was offered the opportunity to tweak it (strengthen the opening chapter and heighten the conflict).  YEAH!  This story had won a pitch contest at Harlequin, but ultimately the editor was uncomfortable with the nature of the conflict (health issues are a little tricky).

For some weird reason (holiday madness, too little Baileys) I’ve struggled gettting my thoughts on paper.  In my head I know what I need to do — the execution,however, is killing me (bad pun, I know).  I’m hoping that when this weekend is over, I’ll be able to really sit down and find my brain again.  I’ve set a deadline that I have to complete my changes before I head to NYC in two weeks.  If I leave town without resolving it, I’ll drive myself crazy instead of enjoying a holiday weekend in the city.


2 thoughts on “Stuck On You….

  1. Ah, “Stuck on You”. Certainly one of Lionel’s finest …. Can’t help but think though of scraping green gum from the bottom of my Converse hi-tops on a steamy, sultry hot day. Ah the memories ….

  2. Hey Good Boy – Great visual! Poor Lionel. I think everyone just thinks of the wacky adventures of his wayward adopted daughter Nicole; his music has long been forgotten.

    I’ve gained about ten pounds this holiday weekend. Looking forward to a huge brunch tomorrow at a fabu restaurant. Then I’m going to fast for two weeks, until I go to NY City. I wonder if the Pumpkins are heading to the BIG APPLE in December.


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