A Week in Review…


Deer Hunting

Best headline of the week

“Wounded deer attacks hunter who shot him”

John Walsh would be proud.  Never be a victim. Always fight back.

images1Weirdest story of the week

A Wisconsin Salvation Army leader who faces dismissal if he marries outside the organization is asking people not to stop donating to the group during the holiday season.

Capt. Johnny Harsh of Oshkosh, Wis., says he’s been receiving letters and e-mails from people angered over the Salvation Army’s decision to uphold its long-standing rule that an officer in the agency may marry only another officer.

Who could have guessed that such rules still existed?  Thank goodness that Zack Mayo was with the Navy and not the Salvation Army.  Paula would still be stuck in that damn factory.

Coolest Gift of the Season

The 40 Foot Marshmallow Blaster from Hammacher Schlemmer



What I Want for Christmas (besides the Blaster)

Lately my hair and I have not been on the friendliest of terms.  We disagree each morning and I think something drastic needs to be done.


Yes.  Sadly – I am serious.  I hate the length of my hair right now and it is growing at a snail’s pace.  Drawbacks to this latest obsession are cost and the fact that most people I know would laugh uproariously at me.



4 thoughts on “A Week in Review…

    • Morning Mr. Kersey:
      Nearly spewed my coffee upon reading your post. Thank God the Country Boy said no. Can you imagine Mr. Sunshine carrying Debra Winger on his shoulders without dropping her? John Travolta also declined the offer to play Zach. Some how a vision of Vinny Barbarino in dress whites gives me acid reflux! No doubt Saturday Night Fever flashbacks are the cause.

      Light Mayo

  1. Amazing that adults have such recall for useless facts. I do like the marshmallow shooter; much more my speed and level. I would need lots of Bailey’s to watch my wife change her hair style in a matter of a few hours with hair extensions. So Hollywood!! I did not realize the Salvation Army was so cult-like. Wonder what they brew in the kettles during the off season.

  2. Dear Simon-

    On the ? of useless fact’s Vs a Marshmellow
    Blaster One may get you Alex Trebek… or Hulk
    Hogan and Laila Ali.Speed and level…

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