When I Think of You….


Xerox, in an effort to help people across the nation express their gratitude toward our troops overseas, has launched a program that allows you to send a free personalized postcard greeting to deployed servicemen and women.


As a nation we too often fail to acknowledge or support the efforts made by our military personnel to protect and defend our freedom.  Unfortunately, what they hear and see is often venomous, anti war rants that diminish their sacrifices and their successes.  War.  Terrorism.  Yeah, people can disagree on when intervention is justified.  But, as a country, it would be nice if we celebrated those men and women who have the courage to put themselves literally on the line for the rest of us.  God Bless Them. 

So, take a minute and say thank you!  We owe them a great debt that can never be fully repaid. Enough of Miss Ranty McPanty….









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