Still Looking for that Perfect Gift?

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Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right present for that special person in your life.  Don’t fret…the solution is literally just a few clicks of the keyboard away.  Yes, that’s right.  For a limited time only I want to offer you what few others have…a copy of my book.   It will only take a few dollars to brighten someone’s world this holiday season.  Sure you could spend the $4.50 on a Happy Meal but for many of you that would only provide about 60 seconds of pleasure.  I’ll even make it easy for you by providing the link:

Go ahead…Don’t be afraid.  Ebooks are the future (at least part of it).  Oh, and check out the cool picture below.  My husband had a poster sized picture of my book cover made.  And, he sent the flowers the same day.  Let’s all say it together now….Ohhhh, he’s so darn sweet!



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