I Want to Wake Up in a City,That Never Sleeps…


Spent this past weekend in NYC, soaking up the holiday spirit.  Despite the hectic pace, my family and I had a wonderful trip.  Here are some of the highlights:


  • Since most of the large chain hotels were sold out by the time I made reservations this summer, had to pick something different.  The results were fabulous.  Stayed at a boutique hotel, 70 Park Avenue (a Kimpton Hotel) where the service was outstanding, the rooms wonderfully appointed, and the location top notch.
    • Radio City Christmas Show – fun for the whole family; my boys loved the live Nativity scene with camels, donkeys, and sheep. I was partial to the figure skating, and my husband loved it all!

     Best Dining Experience – PJ Clarke’s. For 125 years this venerable New York institution with its colorful history has entertained the famous, the infamous and everyone else who appreciate the ambiance and food of a real saloon.  This will be a must stop on my next visit to the city.




  • Moonstruck Diner – Since our boys are still relatively young we decided to skip the formal dinner scene.  Which was a huge relief, I’m sure, to my in-laws who were thus able to dine in peace.  Instead we hit a local diner just a few blocks from our hotel.  Standard food, but wonderful wait staff.  The boys loved starting the meal with an ice cream soda.  Yum! 


  • Shopping – Coach store on Madison Avenue. Both my husband and my in-laws picked out Christmas gifts here after I insisted that I had plenty of purses…LOL!  They don’t listen very well! Other stores such as FAO Schwarz, M&M, and Hershey were extremely crowded and therefore slightly overwhelming.

  • Best Extra – My father-in-law insisted on hiring a driver for Saturday.  Let me tell you, this made a huge difference.  Instead of waiting for cabs to scurry us around in the cold, a nice warm vehicle followed us everywhere. 

  • Best way to wrap up the weekend – celebrated Sunday Mass at a beautiful church across from our hotel. The Church of Our Saviour is a lovely, rather intimate church with a gorgeous interior.  The service equaled St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

  • ourserver-smailgif12


    Okay…must get myself together.  Laundry. Birthday party this morning.  Holiday Office Party tonight!  Hugs until later!


    4 thoughts on “I Want to Wake Up in a City,That Never Sleeps…

    1. Rita, I’m glad that you + your wonderful family had a great time in GOTHAM CITY last weekend ! Whereas I’m absolutely certain that you + your husband acted responsibly + demonstrated remarkable fiscal restraint, as you know, the holidays are often times when even the most sensible among us can get carried away + spend far beyond our means. So, just a quick reminder. If any of your bloggers (or their FAMILY MEMBERS) have a problem like this – spending out-of control or unwisely during the CHRISTMAS season,please do remind them that there is help available. If they should need “to talk w/someone” counseling is available …. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

    2. Hey G.B!

      That’s the problem with NYC – it’s easy to slap your credit card down a hundred times in one day! Of course, you have to be prepared when the bills start piling up — I’m too old for a family bailout and too upstanding for a government bailout! LOL.


    3. The icecream soda,ah yes!,The Moonstuck Dinner
      was a bit uppity for my crowd.Midtown around 2nd
      and 3rn St.in Manhatten We would hang at Louies
      on the Eastside,were Mugg’s,Whitey,Butch,Sach,
      and myself would knock back a few Eggcream’s.
      Eggcream’s being the proper N.Y.word here So,the
      next time you enjoy one,make a toast to the man
      Louis Auster!

    4. Mr. Kersey:

      I didn’t know you were a fan of the “poor man’s ice cream soda”. Somehow, despite the popularity of the Eggcream, I find the combination of chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer rather unappetizing. But bless those Brooklyn boys for thinking outside the box.

      Frankly, I prefer Colonel Joe Rickey’s contribution — Raspberry Lime Rickeys – which he concocted at the St. James Hotel in NY as a means to cool off 🙂

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