I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…


Christmas rush...

I need a sedative … and this time I’m not talking about a double shot of Baileys.  Snow has been steadily falling outside my door for the past six hours.  Picking up my son early from school (yeah, the joy of driving in blowing & drifting snow) was an adventure more suited for someone behind the wheel of a Hummer.  This is Western NY, which means drivers should A) have snow tires on by November; B) have sufficient gas in the tank preventing a breakdown on a major roadway; C) have the foresight not to attempt to drive up a steep incline that has not yet been plowed.


My Christmas shopping stalled right around Thanksgiving which leaves me now in scramble mode.  And although I love my mother more than Tahiti’s Pork Fried Rice, she is a pain in the patoot when it comes to buying gifts.  Since she is planning a bathroom makeover, I threatened to buy her a spiffy new toilet. (I really want to hear her tell people that her youngest daughter bought her a commode — ho ho ho).  Okay, I’m kidding.  Sort of.


Anxiety around the holidays is normal, but this year I’m overdosing on frazzled nerves.  I handed in a revised manuscript last week for consideration and I’m feeling kind of sick over it.  Not knowing if I blew it…keeps me in obsessive mode.  I’ve also been stressing about some advertising —- a random cover ad I placed for The Catcher and the Lie hardly ever appears on a particular romance website.  I inquired about it at the beginning of the slated two month run and was assured it was in place…but I’ve literally spotted it three times in the past three weeks.  Strange!!!!


Oh, and to make my week sparkle just a little more — I’ve had several people comment on how surprised they were by the spicy nature of my book.  In my head, which is not completely screwed on tightly, I think I fall pretty low on the heat level.  Nevertheless, I’m feeling…well, I don’t exactly how that makes me feel.  Okay, scratch that one off of my anxiety list.  My mom didn’t faint when she read Catcher and that’s about all that matters in my book J


Maybe a mug of hot chocolate (laced with Baileys) will soothe my fragile emotional state…it’s worth a shot!


4 thoughts on “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…

  1. Depending on time of day, when I head over to see FAY, I like to do it MAH WAY ! Earlier in the day, for luncheon specials, it’s ALWAYS either a #10 (RICHIE GEDMAN) or, a #8(YAZ), in that order. Sending out @ suppertime, usually a smorgasbord of my Tahitian favorites …. Late night, when MOWING w/ that certain lucky someone (to be there w/MOI), + I’m really trying to impress, let’s call for a POO fo’ 2 !!! YUM !!!

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