Holiday Decompression…


   In spite of a rather inauspicious start (picture two young boys with a stomach bug spreading joy to the world unto a restaurant table on Christmas Eve) our holiday in Boston was wonderful.  Sitting around the fireplace drinking expired Bailey’s (yes, there is a story there that I cannot share) while playing with a new puppy (not mine, because I really am sticking to my three dog limit) set the perfect tone for the season.  Since I do not make it home as frequently as I would like (frankly, I’d pop in every weekend if it wasn’t a six hour drive) hanging with my mom and siblings is a true treat.

In many ways my gene pool failed me.  My mom is an excellent cook, something I’ve never been accused of.   Perfect stuffing.  Mouth watering apple pies.  She’s got it going on….!   My siblings always manage to throw awesome parties during the season.  This visit, my brother and sister in law, hosted a post Christmas party that was a perfect way to wrap up our trip.  Entertaining others creates a big old pit in my stomach, so I generally avoid it!

Now that I’m home again (my oldest son got sick again in a fast food restaurant on the way home) I’m thinking about the year ahead.  Today I am hoping to plunge back into my WIP — which I’m enjoying, despite a current roadblock.  (I picked up great inspiration while back in Boston hearing stories about local people I grew up with — it’s amazing to realize that some people live lives more suited to Pine Valley or Port Charles.  Seriously, my jaw is still on the table thinking about some of the adventures I heard.)

Hmm, I’m avoiding the whole NEW YEAR resolution list, for now.  I hate over committing and under delivering 🙂  But, I have been giving some thought about my writing goals….which may not take the shape I had originally intended.  More on that later!


9 thoughts on “Holiday Decompression…

    • Thanks for putting me in a post holiday funk! Money couldn’t buy me that kind of look (and she’s got a few decades on me). I think I’m going to make an appointment for hair extensions….I must do something to shake things up (and I don’t mean exercise).

      Julia Santos

  1. An “expired” bottle of Bailey’s ? What’s next – bringing already opened bottles of liquor to someone’s party + presenting them as new ? What is this world coming to ?

  2. Pat-

    Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice having new visitors. I have a theory on the Bailey’s — someone probably keeps a stockpile in the fridge. Prepared for a party at the drop of a hat. Maybe they already had a few when they reached in and grabbed the nearest thing they could find. I’m not complaining ’cause it still tasted darn good!

  3. Hi Suz! Loved that chocolate cake…total yum! I’m not big on planning anything, including my writing. BUT, in my head, I thought about trying to target a traditional print house in 2009. Now, I’m not so sure that holds the appeal it once did for me. The big houses seem to be declining — whereas, places like Samhain – are structured for the future. IMHO they are producing books that equal the NY houses in quality and surpass them in cost. That’s attractive to me as both a reader and a writer!!!


  4. SUZIE, is that you ? Thank you so much for sending along the 411 for vacations in the Auld Sod. I’ll get back to you after I have a chance to peruse the brochures ….

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