Suffering from Exhaustion…


Ugh…today, marks the first day back to school for my children.  It’s a day I dreaded when I was young and a day I still dread as an adult.  As I mentioned previously I’m not a personal fan of New Year’s resolutions.  Frankly reading the goals set by others (particularly published authors or those pursuing publication) is enough to exhaust and depress me.  I’m a slug by comparison.  Seriously, people are either way too ambitious or I’m way too lazy.


Last night I set one goal for myself…and it’s RIDICULOUS.  I vowed to enter HGTV’s Dream Home Giveaway at least once a day from now until the contest wraps up on February 19th.  Each year I usually submit a half a dozen entries — this year I want to truly extend myself and enter as frequently as possible.


Okay, now I’m thinking about resolutions and it’s ticking me off:


v     Get back on the darn exercise bike at least five days a week/50 minutes a day.

v     Stop reading news/blogs that bring out my natural cynicism.  Maybe it is okay to ask people to pay your mortgage over the internet. Just because their house is nicer than your own doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a helping hand. (Oh, good heavens — my cynical side is winning out, again).  Besides, if I win the $2 million dollar DREAM HOME from HGTV I’m going to be looking for handouts to help pay the taxes.

v     Say yes to my husband at least once when he asks if I can join him on a business trip (I’ve turned down Florida, Vegas, the Bahamas, etc).  We can take the kids and have fun, without feeling guilty for pulling them out of school for a couple of days.  (THIS REALLY WON”T HAPPEN – because my Irish Catholic guilt has a solid grip on my conscience).

v     I vow to stop telling my boys that they’re good little guys (this applies strictly to those with four legs).  To be honest my dogs are ill behaved and it’s time they stepped up to the plate.  I’ll supply the Febreeze and spot cleaner but they need to clean up after themselves.  Enough is enough…just ask my husband J


I’m exhausted…and it’s only five days into the NEW YEAR! 


2 thoughts on “Suffering from Exhaustion…

  1. In both style + substance, your blog today reminds me very much of a young lady who writes for one of Boston’s major daily newspapers. MARGERY EGAN writes commentary pieces for the Boston Herald. Perhaps you’re familiar with her ?

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