Odds N Ends…


Mood:  Pleasant – which is unusual for me, if you believe my siblings


Weather: Craptacular – slushy, wet snow, that leaks through your water proof boots leaving your socks stinky


Excited about:  Awaiting shipment on an electric fireplace that is now on backorder.  My home has a traditional fireplace, but since it is located in the dog’s den we don’t use it for fear the dogs may attempt to swallow fire.  Here’s a picture: (yes, I ordered red)

Americana Black Electric Stove

Stomach turning:  First sleepover this weekend for my oldest.  It’s a party.  He’s nervous and excited; whereas I’m sticking with nervous.  He has never slept over anywhere – not even Nonnie or Grandma’s house.

Missing:  I’m issuing a BOLO for Paul Kersey.  May be seen in the vicinity of Dunkin Donuts or possibly enroute to DC for upcoming celebration.  He’s said to be carrying blue M&M’s, humming ‘We Are Family”, and wearing large hip boots (which he’ll need if he heads south).

See full size image


Keeping fingers crossed:  I’m trying to convince my husband to track down Barry Manilow in Vegas this weekend.  Why?  I want to try and get a picture of him autographing my promotional postcard for my April release, Ready to Take a Chance Again.  Spouse, however, is giving me the big eye roll. 


6 thoughts on “Odds N Ends…

  1. I just came in from the cold,making snow person’s in the bank’s Had Copacabana on a loop
    in my boom box.Think I will pour myself three
    good finger’s of Old M&M,to warm my bone’s!!

    Cheer’s to all in the New Year

  2. Paul,

    Welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about. Well,the names have all changed since you hung around. But those dreams have remained and they’re turned around.Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


  3. I just got two e-mail’s,one from John
    Sebastian and the other…The Divine Miss M
    [she’s at Caesar’s],well Barry is staying at
    the Las Vegas Hilton.He is using the name…

  4. Heard that MIKE TYSON would like to sing back – up for some of BARRY’S shows out in Vegas ! What’s up with that ?

  5. Wow! Tyson should have set his sights on Celine – before she skipped town. I heard he does a perfect Karaoke version of MY HEART WILL GO ON.

    Manilow might have ryhthm but he’s NO Johnny Castle. Just ask Baby – she know’s spaghetti arms when she sees them.

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