Red, Red Wine…


Actually this is not a post about red wine.  Although I tend to discuss alcohol on a rather frequent basis I’m not a big drinker.  In fact other than an occassional glass of wine or a sip or two of Bailey’s, I’m not much for slamming them down.  I digress.  Presently, I reside near the Finger Lakes of New York, which is known as wine country.  This week my husband brought home an award winning bottle of Ice Wine.   Casa Larga, a local vineyard, is considered one of the top makers of Ice Wine (best described as a dessert wine).  Fiori Vidal Ice Wine - World's Best Ice WineIt was different; sweet but in a nice way.  Anyway, if you’re in the market for something new this weekend, it might be worth checking out.  (I had a glass while eating a Devil Dog.  This may not have been what they had in mind when they said dessert…Next time I’m going to indulge after a big piece of Chocolate Ganache Cake).  YUMMY!


14 thoughts on “Red, Red Wine…

  1. My, my, my. Little pinkie extended I presume …. What’s next, sushi to replace the Devil Dogs for a late morning snackie-poo ?

  2. Mr. Good Boy:

    Sometimes life’s greatest rewards can only be reaped when you step outside the box. I have one friend who used to laugh about people who drank Starbuck’s — now he drinks their chilled bottled Frappuccinos. GO figure….

  3. A dessert wine with sushi?, oh my please!
    a Sauvignon would pair nice, or perhaps a
    fresh Pinot Noir. Do try to keep it
    give the meal a balance

    • Please, I implore all of you lovers of haute cuisine — be careful. I’m sure we all remember last month’s headlines:


      If one of our nation’s most self-loved actors can be felled, it can certainly happen to anyone.


  4. Ooh la di da! Look at us our pinkies are extended.You know sometimes a nice pilsner or ale would be most appropiate.Now for dessert I prefer a black and tan.

    • Hey, Mel — ooops, I mean Martin!
      Maybe you should skip the black and tan. The boys in blue around Malibu probably don’t want a repeat performance on the Pacific Coast Highway – if you know what I mean:-)

  5. Sometimes it’s all about the glassware. Depending on the day, it’s either waterford crystal or a mason jar.

    Just ask Amy…

    • Dear Amy,

      Whenever I hear someone mention a mason jar, I think of Aunt Bea on the Andy Griffith show. Maybe I should purchase a few – that way DH won’t reach for the Waterford when he’s having a glass of orange juice for breakfast! I wonder if any of your readers have the same problem?????

  6. Mr. RIGGS, you have excellent taste. Back in the day, I too enjoyed very much a well-poured black + tan after dinner. Often times a splash of BAILEY’S – either on -the- rocks or gently warmed in the nuker, was in turn a nice follow-up to the black + tan …. Of course, assuming the Bailey’s was from an un-opened bottle + of a most recent vintage ….

  7. GB…I’ve been known to nuke stale bubblegum, but never a glass of Bailey’s. Dear dog, I’m trying to drop a few holiday pounds but I might have to bite the bullet and give it a try later tonight. Wish me luck (lately even the tiniest life events are creating unexpected turmoil; think missing garage door opener and splintered door).

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