I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…



I am woman, hear me roar…Watch me break down my front door.  If you were loitering in my neighborhood last night you would have had an opportunity to see me in action.  After dropping my son off for his first sleepover, I returned home to find my garage door opener MIA.  Hmmm, I had it when I left – which meant it was likely in some snow bank near the home where I dropped off my son.


With my four year old at my side, I trudged up my walkway, intending to use the front door.  Oops – small problem.  After releasing the main lock and the deadbolt, the door won’t budge.  Now my son is cold (the temperature was hovering around 15 degrees), anxious to watch a rented movie, and wondering why I’m starting to mutter under my breath.  I push.  Push again.  Push harder.  Until finally I hear wood splintering.  Crapadocious – I pulled the molding off all around the door because an eye hook was still latched (an added security measure for when the kids were small and fascinated with opening doors).   Bummer.  Especially since the door still won’t open far enough to let me unhook the darn latch on top.  My three dogs, no doubt unsettled by the strange noises, let out blood curdling howls


Back to the car (mainly to get warm again).  At this point I know that someday I’ll look back at this and it will all seem funny.  But now I’m mad; my kiddo’s sad, and my hubby (reached by cell phone) says to throw in a little more hip action.  Yeah…okay, but I give him fair warning that the entryway is going to need an extreme HGTV makeover when I’m done.

Sadly it worked…which gives you an idea of my ample hip size.  Home.  Safe. Warm.  With a door that looks like it came from Sanford & Son’s backyard. 


An hour later I come to find out that my garage door opener accidentally landed in one of my son’s overnight bags.  By that point I was too embarrassed to admit that I had to do my impersonation of the Incredible Hulk just to gain entry back into my home.   And, how has your weekend been going??????





3 thoughts on “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…

  1. OMG — what fun! Just watched a YOU TUBE video of lil Miss Tanya Tucker belting out Delta Dawn in a green micro mini with a big ole pair of boots on!!!!

    Oh, I must clarify my bag(s) comment. One bag for pjs & toothbrush,one for the birthday gift, one for his pillow and sleeping bag!!!!! Although my friends will tell you — as a rule — we don’t pack lightly as a family. One weekend away from home and we have at least eight bags..FOR REAL!

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