Monday, Monday…


Ooh, I have an advertisement for The Catcher and the Lie on one of my favorite sites.  You can take a look over at:

Here’s hoping it adds a few new sales!

If you’re feeling the Monday blues you might want to check out the following.  The other night I spent an hour surfing You Tube with my boys.  Had a fabulous time singing and dancing to old music (old, old stuff).  For some reason they enjoy these songs more than they like what currently plays on the radio.     The Night Chicago Died     Seasons in the Sun   Rock Me Gently    Delta Dawn   Knock Three Times

I’m almost willing to bet that any of the above will put a smile on your face.  Of course, you may be rolling your eyes at the same time!   Enjoy!!!!


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…

  1. Okay,guys — tell me you didn’t smile at least once listening to those songs! Really, whenever my mood swings low, I listen to one of these daffy old songs. Except of course, Seasons in the Sun — which is totally when you wanna cry.

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