I’m Lost This Week…


Virgo  –  Weekly Horoscope

You’re lost this week, Virgo, with your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde in your sector of daily activities. You’re a very organized and efficient soul, but when Mercury turns retrograde you feel the effects very intensely.

Thank goodness planetary alignment can be blamed for my current state of mental disarray.   For two days I’ve been __________:

A.    Indecisive

B.    Clueless

C.    Living with bad hair

D.   Loitering in Home Depot

E.    Struggling to correct my son’s homework

F.     All of the above


Writing hasn’t happened at all in about a week.  When my brain feels antsy I tend to read haphazardly, start but not finish laundry, and fret over everything.  Yesterday I spent way too much time reading blogs (Dear Author, in particular).  The state of publishing appears fragile.  Major publishing houses, along with bookstores, are tightening their belts.  This is to be expected.  My stomach did turn a little when it came to a discussion of an e-publishing leader.  It’s not a company I purchase from or would ever submit a manuscript to, but it is considered by many to be top tier.  Based on the discussion, it seems likely that there is trouble brewing.  Again.  I hope – that if chaos does ensue in the near future – it does not reflect poorly on other epublishers.  People tend to use broad brush strokes when they discuss this industry.  I’m not an expert, but I will say that Samhain Publishing does it right.  Ethical.  Professional.  Dynamic.  Sharp.  Even if I never have another book published there (I’m enough of a realist to accept that it is a competitive market that is only going to get tighter over time), I will always look to them first when it comes to meeting my needs as a reader.


The bad hair is with me for the foreseeable future.  I’m sick of short and you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about it.  But it looks awful – even if my husband tells me differently.  He tends to be kind about my appearance, probably out of fear. 


After much discussion (four different final decisions), my dh and I have settled on new flooring for our dog’s den.  We decided durability would trump aesthetics.   Thursday, our friend Bruce (contractor extraordinaire) will be here clearing out the old and putting down the new.  THANK Goodness.  Chewed carpet is very passé.  Perhaps I can now go a whole week without hitting Home Depot.


It would seem that correcting homework for a first grader would require little effort.  Hmm…think again.  I made a mistake with fast facts on my little one’s math homework.  He hasn’t let me forget it since…now I double check my own work each night. That looks even more pathetic in writing.  His father will need to take over these responsibilities once my oldest hits fourth grade.


On a positive note, I received two free books in the mail last night from Harlequin.  A few months back I agreed to answer questions for an online panel.  Now the generous folks at Harlequin have been sending me things.  At the end of December I received a really cool retro calendar (each month featured an old book cover from the 40’s and 50’s).  When I finish the two Intrigue books I just received, I will have to answer an on-line survey.  Pretty cool, huh?  At least it doesn’t involve subtraction:-)



7 thoughts on “I’m Lost This Week…

  1. Ahh, nothing beats some great astrology talk ! Kind of makes me miss + long for the bygone days of DARRYL MARTINI, Boston’s own COSMIC MUFFIN ….

  2. Holy Laquidara…I didn’t know that the Muffin passed away in 2006. This is what happens when you live in the sticks of upstate NY.

    Sad day,here 😦

    Do you know the Muffin Man, The Muffin Man….

  3. Speaking of The MUFFIN MAN, has anyone seen or heard from my old pal MISS CLEO ? Hope she’s well …. GOD, I miss that lady ….

  4. I think the psychic connection has been on the blink lately…Sylvia Browne? John Edward? Do you think that they’re busy gearing up for the New Year, New President, New World Order….

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