If You’re Happy and You Know It…


Things that made me smile in the past twenty-four hours:


v     My four year old running into my bedroom at three o’clock in the morning yelling, “I can’t find my pants.  Do you know what happened to my pants, mom?”  Since he fell asleep on the couch in his corduroys last night I simply slipped them off and tucked him into bed under a thick down comforter.  Apparently having underwear but no pants or pj’s on in the middle of the night is cause for major concern. 


v     My middle dog, Sox, struggling to get used to the brand new floor in our den.  In the first fifteen minutes he came running in from the snowy backyard and slid fifteen feet across the floor, landing in a heap against the wall.  Now he is attempting to tip toe inside clearly afraid he is going to pull another head banger against the wall.



v     My younger son dragged me aside yesterday and asked about the red mark he noticed on someone’s face.  I explained that it was a port wine stain that the person had been born with….His response?  Did God give him any special marks like that at birth?  When all I could come up with was freckles, he walked away shaking his head in disappointment.

v     Watching dozens of people hanging off the wings of a US Air jet in the Hudson River.  What a miracle!  What a pilot!

Passengers rescued

v     Changed the title of my current WIP.  Every time I used to open the WORD document I cringed because the title was lame…I’m not sure I love the new title but it is definitely a step up.

v     I started to take the plunge – and almost booked a hotel reservation for RWA nationals down in DC.  My husband is insisting that this year I follow through.  Anyway, I made it as far as finding a cool 4 ½ star boutique hotel near the conference site.  (I kind of want to have a separate place to go; away from the craziness of overcrowded elevators).  This hotel had awesome reviews and fabulous rates.  I’m still not convinced that I should go but at least I took one more step than I did last year. J


8 thoughts on “If You’re Happy and You Know It…

  1. Listen, all this B.S. about changing the title of your WIP …. Well Boo-Hoo-Hoo. Stop being so damn flighty. MAKE A DECISION + STICK TO IT !

  2. Speaking of flighty — maybe I’ll give fly-over-country a call. I’m sure advice & direction would be given in abundance. Why struggle when I know someone that has all the answers?


  3. Any truth to the rumors that a certain well-healed member of the immediate family + yourself are involved in intense negotiations pertaining to the movie rights for several of your recent + upcoming works ? Enquiring minds want to know. Do tell ….

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