A Quiet Day…


Today, as I look out my living room window there is a gently falling snow blanketing my neighborhood.   It’s peaceful…which is a balm for my somewhat battered soul.  See this weekend I fell into a very old, very tired pattern – bitter disappointment when others failed to live up to my expectations.  The good thing is it didn’t involve family or friends, but rather peripheral figures in my life.  Despite my husband’s advance warnings, I let my head and my heart get tangled up, even knowing it was a futile cause.  So, today I’m going to focus on five great things from the long weekend  (because being angry is a time and energy suck):

1.  My editor at Samhain announced a fun February contest which will include all of her authors.  You can check on the details on her blog  http://editortera.wordpress.com/

2.  My husband and I took our boys to see Mall Cop.  Yes, it is a very silly movie…but I love Kevin James.  He makes me laugh without even opening his mouth!

3.  My inlaws treated us to a lovely afternoon at Disney On Ice.  Great seats.  Popcorn.  Amazing figure skaters.  Beautiful costumes.  Overpriced trinkets.  FUN!

4.  Football playoffs.  Although my first love is baseball, I still love kicking back on Sunday afternoon to watch the NFL, especially late season action.

5. NCIS Marathon.  My husband and I are total addicts.  Over the course of the three day weekend we watched over a dozen episodes. 

Today, I’m turning off the radio and the television.  Why?  Lately I’ve been skipping reading in favor of everything else.   I’ve picked out a favorite paperback and an ancient book of poetry that I’ve been carting around since college.  I’ll leave you with the words of Emily Dickinson:

LOOK back on time with kindly eyes,

He doubtless did his best;

How softly sinks his trembling sun

In human nature’s west!


2 thoughts on “A Quiet Day…

  1. Today, I too have turned off the T.V. – and the radio, + the Drudge Report. Refused to read the paper too. In fact, after Sunday night’s win by the Pittsburg Steelers, I vowed to seperate myself from all the aforementioned mediums for an indefinite period of time. Just won’t subject myself to all of the KOOL AID drinkers + all of the absolute foolishness …. Just can’t do it ….

  2. If I had a nickel for all the foolish things I’ve heard in the past week — I’d be living LARGE. While I absolutely respect everyone’s right to an opinion (even though I may poke fun at the skewered reasoning)I draw the line at those who try to present their views as universal truths, especially if they’re standing on a pulpit thumbing their nose at those around them. This world has too many darn charlatans….

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