The Sun is Shining…which is weird for this time of year!


A conversation with a family member a few weeks back stirred up some dormant thoughts about things we place on the backburner of our want to do list.  For that person it involved taking a particular course that had long held his interest (you go, Gus).  Of course being the person that I am — I hung up the phone feeling slightly jealous and more than a bit curious as to whether I had the confidence to do the same. 


See, I have a secret list of things I would love to try.  Since I tend to be an introvert there are literally a million reasons why I never follow through.  As I rundown the list — I realize they are all ridiculously simple.

The Home Depot


v     Sign up for Home Depot’s Weekend Clinics:  Tiling floors and walls, Learn How to Hang Drywall, Closet Reorganization.  I’m enough of a realist to know that I’ll never be a genius when it comes to home repair/upgrade, but I really would love to learn some of the basics. 

v     Attend local wine seminars:  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m surrounded by dozens of fabulous wineries in Western, NY.  One within walking distance of my home offers a slew of programs that instruct you on the process of creating Rieslings, Merlots, Chardonnays, Ice Wines, etc. 

calendar - 2009 Front Cover

v     Volunteer at the local Humane Society:  This one is dicey for a few obvious reasons.  I truly respect the enormous effort my local shelter puts forth to provide a comfortable home for hundreds of animals.  They rely on dozens of volunteers to help with basic care – dog walking, kennel cleaning, adoption processing, etc.  Next fall when my youngest enters full day kindergarten I will have more time than I want on my hands.  If (and this is a big if), I can donate my time without begging my husband every week to adopt another dog — I’ll sign up as a volunteer.

v     Stop reading newspapers: In many ways this might be the toughest thing on my list.  I’ve had a three-paper-a-day addiction since fourth grade (seriously).  As everyone knows circulation numbers have been declining across the board.  Frankly, I’m not sure I take any pleasure in reading them anymore.  Beyond the enjoyment factor, I’m not sure that I find them to be even a basic educational tool. This is not a recent development but something that has been smoldering for years.  For two weeks I have been strong – neatly stacking the papers on the kitchen table for my husband to read.  (EVEN THE SPORTS PAGE IS BEING IGNORED).  We’ll keep having them delivered because I want my kids to be exposed…I’ll just refrain from perusing their pages.  This should keep my blood pressure out of the stroke zone.


Hmm, off to enjoy some unexpectedly balmy weather.  It’s already in the upper 20’s with projections that it might hit mid-thirties.  Yahoo!!!!!


6 thoughts on “The Sun is Shining…which is weird for this time of year!

  1. THANKS for the nod, Sistah. Must confess to more than a little trepidation before finally taking the plunge ! But, I’m glad I did. Of course, to actually go ahead + apply what I learned + then to take it to the next level + beyond, will require an infinite amount more of persistence + intestinal fortitude. Hope I have it in me ! I’ll keep you posted ….

  2. P.S. Sooo wish that you guys lived closer …. Would love to knock off some of the things on YOUR list too, e.g., the Home Depot weekend courses ! I would love to do that WITH you ! Oh well, maybe someday …. In the meantime, you get out girl + JUST DO IT !!!

  3. Definitely keep me posted, GB. I’ve printed out Home Depot’s calendar of clinics for January…my local store isn’t running any of the classes that I really want to attend this month….BUT I’m keeping my eyes open for February.

    Also, have been kicking around an idea for a non-fiction book — but I think it would be very difficult to pull off. For now it’s on my big dream list. OOOH la la…that list is growing 🙂

  4. If we combine what you have on your Wish List it looks dangerous and makes me nervous. Why? Wine, power tools, ability to adopt ANOTHER dog and writing letters to the editor that will likely get published. Let’s not ever combine those all at one time. In fact, leaving them on your wish list may be the safest. LOL

  5. “UG”, “FS”, “Mr. GB” – So glad you took the leap and took the course you wanted to take for so long. I am confident it is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life. I know the feeling I had when I finished my MBA. Best of luck!

  6. Well thank you for the kudos, FBIL ! Next time you guys come to visit NONNIE, I’ll bring you up to speed + show you what I’ve learned. Think that you’ll love it ! Thanks again ….

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