A Little Bit of Links…


If you browse industry blogs as obsessively as I do you may have noticed that author Gemma Halliday has organized an auction to benefit a young homeless woman and her mother.  The cause is certainly a worthy one and many wonderful individuals within the writing community have donated some  pretty great items.  I’ve got my eye on a few — so if you see my name please try and outbid me (anything to raise more $$$).  Here’s the link:     http://romanticinks.com/auction/

When I’m bored there is nothing I enjoy more than making goofy avatars.  I just added a more seasonal look to my own avatar.  If you’ve never created your own, give it a try:  http://avatars.yahoo.com/   

If you’re into animals and love cool pictures check out:  http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/   

There are tons (tons and tons) of great sites for aspiring writers.  Whenever I find my motivational level slipping I know there is one place that I can go where I will always get a cyber nudge.  IMHO the Harlequin on line community is a great resource to hear about the highs and lows of published and unpublished authors.  Even if you are not targeting Har/Sil the atmosphere is pretty inspirational.  http://community.eharlequin.com/

Hmm, must go check on the kids and dh.  Everyone is suffering under the weight of tremendous germs this weekend.  YUCKADOCIOUS!  I’m almost out of disinfectant!!!!


8 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Links…

  1. Disappointed …. Thought it was going to be a blog about GOLF …. Oh well. Temps are supposed to fall to about 4F ’round these parts tonight. SWELL !!!

  2. Thanks gentlemen. The golf reference has me thinking Florida (where hubby will be all next week). Leaving Sarasota ranks right up there on my list of ‘what were ya thinking’. The lifestyle can’t be beat, my friends!

    Dang, the sausage reference, reminds me that I haven’t cooked dinner yet! I’m not feeling the love for my kitchen tonight 😦 Do you think peanut butter on crackers could be considered a meal? Maybe a first course…..

  3. Ah, Mr. KERSEY those days of yore. Seems like just yesterday that I remember you gracing the old ballyard, that bandbox located in the Fens @ Yawkey Way …. Concerned that the sausage vendors + their products were detrimental to the health of your fellow Americans, you stood under the bleachers w/ HUGE bags from McDONALD’S (25 – 30(?)cheeseburgers, 30 bags of fries) + passed them out, gratis, to all passersby …. Doing it all for the chilrens, da yoots, …. Ah, the memories Mr. KERSEY, the memories ….

  4. Mr. KERSEY, in this day + age, + in light of all that has transpired most recently, perhaps it’s a bit unwise to be making distinctions between good + bad “crackers”. THANK YOU.

  5. Hmm…I’m sure the folks at the ball park that day were loving some good ole McD’s. The most I’ve ever been given gratis at Fenway was half of a thrown beer 😦

    Do they even sell gooseberry jam north of the Mason Dixon line? In theory it sounds like it would be a pretty tasty spread — reality my fall short. Hmmm, food for thought!

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