Something Free….Something Fun…Friday’s Just Begun!



In celebrating their 60th Anniversary, Harlequin is going all out.  This week they announced that they are offering 16 free ebook downloads (which is worth about $60).  They are making it super easy to choose a format that works for each reader.  Check out this special offer at:


While I’m basking in the Harlequin spirit this morning, I also want to point out that they are conducting another editor pitch — this time for Silhouette Special Edition!  To enter you need to send a 1 page synopsis of your manuscript by March 4th.  As a former participant/winner of a SuperRomance pitch I can tell you it is an awesome opportunity to get your work in front of an acquiring editor at Harlequin. If you’re interested here’s the link:

 Love Me Tomorrow

Since I’m pimping this morning — I also wanted to point out that one of my favorite Samhain authors, Dee Tenorio, has a new book coming out on February 3rd.  She has a trailer on her blog which gives you the 411 on Love Me Tomorrow.  Here’s a link to the You Tube trailer.


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