Guess how I started my day?  After a restless night (my four year old spent most of the night arguing with his brother in his sleep) I crept out of the house at 6:30am and hit my local Dunkin Donuts.  HOT COFFEE.  FRESH MUNCHKINS.  Does it get any better?


Tomorrow my husband boards an airplane for the Bahamas.  I’m still working through my jealousy J.  Since we didn’t want to pull the kids from school for a week, I’ll be staying behind in snow encrusted W. New York.


Report cards came out yesterday and they are both doing extremely well.  This is something I always worry about, so it’s a huge relief to hear all good things.  My biggest concerns center on behavior (polite, hard working, kind to classmates).  If they have difficulty in a particular subject it’s not such a huge deal (right now they have no struggles but that will likely change in the years ahead).


More good news….just received a print release date for The Catcher and the Lie.  It will be available on September 1st….How COOL is that? Thanks to my editor Tera.


A few links caught my interest this week: 




While no one likes rejection, it’s a fact of life for most aspiring writers (some letters I keep to remind me to try harder; others I toss because they fuel depression J).  The truth is I have never encountered anything but professional treatment from any editor.  Ultimately, I know it could be my writing, the story itself, the current needs of the publisher, or about a hundred other things. 




I love first line contests.  Author Jaime Rush is currently running one on her website.  It’s fun to see the unique/crazy things people come up with.  The contest runs through March 1st if you’re interested in sharing your muse.




The Valentine Contest continues.  Today you can find an excerpt from Living Lies by Dawn Brown.  Stop by and enter for your chance to win.


Okay, time for me to hit the supermarket and then the mall.  Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “S*A*T*U*R*D*A*Y….

  1. When I saw the title of today’s missive, my mind did a quick flashback to that super group of yore … The BAY CITY ROLLERS and their big hit “Saturday Night” !

  2. What a bummer, Mr Kersey….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Dunkin Donuts (my hips prove it).

    Great minds, MR Good Boy….I was in fact humming that song in my head this morning. Of course since it was barely seven I couldn’t bring myself to include N*I*G**H*T!

    Completed my shopping, postal visit, lunch and a visit with Dan’s 102yr old grandmother. Thought about a nap…but need to get the kids ready for Mass! Frankly I could use another 12 ounces of DD coffee….Hugs!


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