Having a Great Time…Wish You Were Here!



Actually, I wish I was there.  This is a snapshot my husband sent me of the view from his hotel balcony in the Bahamas.  Now, I thought about showing you a snapshot of the dirty, melting snow out my front window…but it is Monday.  Who needs to fuel the depression?

In between my normal weekend activity, I accomplished NOTHING.  Seriously, I thought a great deal about what I want to do in terms of writing goals…I just didn’t sit my butt down in front of the computer.  Frankly, I’m not expecting this to be a banner week in terms of output.  Four of my nearest and dearest are celebrating birthdays (a brother and a sister on the 10th and my husband and niece on the 14th).  Oh, and it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday.  Hmm, someone needs to do some shopping!!!


ONE thing I will find time to complete —thorough review of my print galley for The Catcher and the Lie.  My goal is to have it back in the hands of Samhain by Friday (at the latest). 

 This might sound strange, but now that the book is published in e-format it makes me squeamish to read it from cover to cover.  It’s sitting in an open folder on my computer right now but I keep finding an excuse not to start reviewing it for errors.


Just a reminder…the Valentine Contest continues. Still a few days to enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize: 











2 thoughts on “Having a Great Time…Wish You Were Here!

  1. Hey GB,

    I’ve only been to Nassau, which was beautiful. DH is on Grand Bahama this time — which he said is not quite as nice!!!! Of course, I’m not there which would automatically make it not as enjoyable for him 🙂 LOL.


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