Sleeping Through History Class…


Although I never actually slept through any class, at least to the point of drooling, I must have missed some talking points in high school history.  Courtesy of the History Channel I discovered the following:

Stealing Lincoln’s Body (Airs tonight at 9:00)


“Before Lincoln finally came to rest in a steel-and-concrete-reinforced underground vault in Springfield, the President’s body was repeatedly exhumed and moved, his coffin frequently opened. In 1876, eleven years after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, a band of Chicago counterfeiters plotted to steal Lincoln’s body and hold it for ransom. Their plan was to demand $200,000 and the release of the gang’s master engraver, who was in prison in Illinois. The Secret Service–recently formed to deal with the country’s ballooning counterfeiting problem–infiltrated the gang with an informer. It also set in motion a cringe-inducing chain of events in which a group of well-intentioned, self-appointed guardians took it upon themselves to protect Lincoln’s remains by any means necessary. This strange story of Lincoln at un-rest reveals how important this man was to so many, and perhaps our reluctance to let such a beloved and visionary leader go.”  History Chnl

I think I’ll be tuning in tonight to find out more about this kooky bit of American History.


6 thoughts on “Sleeping Through History Class…

  1. Oh my. You’ll have to fill me in. Bit too morbid + macabre for this young dude’s sensibilities …. To each his own ….

  2. Not sure if it was the unbelievable crush that I had on my history teacher but, I NEVER slept through ANYTHING that the lovely Mrs. SUSAN HOWARD had to offer …. Oh my ….

  3. Did Mike Marram like a little like Sir
    Elton Johm? Sue had that MTM thing going on!!
    local gal Jean Ashe was tops in my book.

  4. OMG…Mr Kersey. Now that you mention it…Mr. Marram did look a little like Sir Elton. The hair was always kind of strange looking. I got a chuckle out of the fact that he asked us to call him Dr. He was darn proud of his PHD status 🙂

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