And the Oscar Goes To…


Lately I’ve been in a slump.  Before I ever submitted anything (anywhere) I said that I would be happy if just one person enjoyed the story I attempted to tell.  I think I might have been lying to myself just a little. When my first book released in November I held my breath.  Family and friends (that are easy to bribe) were quite kind with their feedback.  The notoriously funny MRS GIGGLES was slightly less gentle with her commentary. (Although she didn’t eviscerate me, she wasn’t exactly glowing with praise).


That’s reality.  That’s the way it should be. Then something unexpected happened Friday night.  I received a phone call advising me that I had finaled in the 2009 New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award.  I WAS FLABBERGASTED.  My voice and hands shook as I listened to the extremely kind representative from the New England Chapter of RWA explain the process.  Next month at their annual conference they will announce the actual winners and the second and third place entries within each category.


For some reason that night I felt like a ‘real’ writer for the first time.  In my category, short contemporary, I’m up against a Harlequin author and a fellow Samhain writer.  I’m probably not going to walk away with first prize.  And, that’s okay.  This time I’m really happy knowing that my writing was good enough to even place.  It’s a step forward for me.  A leap really.


I’m grateful…really, really grateful.  So, thank you to the readers/judges of New England RWA.  And a special thank you to my Samhain Editor, Tera.  She contracted the book and worked hard at correcting all of my many mistakes and story holes.  Not an easy task, trust me.


Come back tomorrow…when I’ll post a list of all the finalists J


Oh, by the way…Kristan Higgins is a finalist in the long contemporary category.  SQUEEEE!  She is pretty much at the top of my favorite author list.  So to see my name mentioned in the same email announcement from the contest coordinator made my palms sweat.  Actually, just typing this made my hands perspire all over again….NOW I AM EMBARASSING MYSELF J



2 thoughts on “And the Oscar Goes To…

  1. Gotta love New Orleans, baby. They know how to party…I think everybody could use a little lift right about now! Maybe I’ll mix up a hurricane tonight (oops, I don’t even know what’s in one). I’m sure I’ll think of something!


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