Desperation = Dumb Decision


Today I awoke with a severe case of bad hair.   This was not unusual, nor unexpected, but it was UNBEARABLE.  Without warning it happened again…an impetuous decision to trot off to the local salon and get a small trim…you know, so my hair would appear less like a tupperware bowl and more like a girl.

GRRRR…Mistake number two was bypassing the chi-chi salon that my husband ever so kindly gifted me with a healthy gift card this past Christmas.  Making an actual appointment seemed too taxing on a Monday.  The franchise down the street always takes me in a flash….hmm, probably a reason for that 🙂

It shouldn’t matter…but the truth is, it does.  To me!  Of course it is only 15 degrees out right now.  So, a large floppy hat can disguise the Ginsu chop job on my bangs. 

NO MORE HAIRCUTS FOR ME UNTIL THE END OF MAY….I’m considering this the New Year’s Resolution that I never made!


32 thoughts on “Desperation = Dumb Decision

  1. Cheer up. Lockie’s Miss JANET does a wonderful job on YO MAMA’S locks. With a good word from YO MAMA, I’m sure Miss JANET will take you on as a customer too ….

    • Hey, Good Boy! Maybe next time I’m in the hood…I’ll hook a ride to Miss Janet’s salon for a wash and cut…I’ll never be able to compete with the lovely Yo Mama…but perhaps I’ll walk away looking less like my beagle.

    • Hey Kersey! Thanks for the tip. Hmm, I should check if USAIR flies directly into Pine Valley…it might cost me a few extra $, but maybe I’ll walk away with hair as lustrous as Erica.

  2. Well, whichever you decide on – Lockie’s Miss JANET or OPAL’S Glamorama, may I suggest that you follow up w/ a mani/pedi @ Foxy’s Nails. Be sure to tell them that The HAWK sent you ….

  3. Foxy’s is just past the V.F.W. Post as you head towards The Square, diagonally across from TAHITI’S …. HAWK is a character/rogue who occasionally provides protection services to damsels in distress …. He’s also a man of many aliases + apparently, no one understands him but his woman ….

  4. HAWK is a regular + hangs down @ The Fisherman’s w/ his posse. Good bunch of guys – MAGYVER, THOMAS MAGNUM, ROBERT McCALL, ANDY SIPOWICZ, JOHN SHAFT, KOJAK, TOMMY HEALY …. You should stop by sometime Mr. KERSEY …. If you read El Globo, be sure to bring your own ….

  5. Not to drizzle on your parade — but I’m a wee bit young to be familiar with The Man From Uncle….although I’m a huge fan of Ducky I never had the joy of meeting Illya Kuryakin.

    I wonder if Magnum could hop in his Ferrari 308 GTS, pick up some pork fried rice and an eggroll and head west on the thruway…I’m wicked hungry and there are no Polynesian restaurants in my ‘hood.

    Oh, and GB…El Globo will be folding in the near future…encourage your nearest and dearest to find an alternative news source before D day arrives.

  6. Yeah, Fisherman’s is still there. Remember the first time I ordered takeout. Ordered 2 fried clam plates. My bro YO WINK + I were both sick w/ the trots for a week ! They even F*** UP the corrrrrrffee down there ! But I still love Ole LOUIE !

  7. Terry, I love MAGNUM’S 308GTS but, I think your take-out would get there alot QUICKER, + HOTTER, if TC came by + did a fly-by w/ the chopper. Oh, the things that man can do w/ a whirly-bird !

  8. Thanks for sharing your fond memories of Fisherman’s (tongue firmly in cheek)…I have a good spot right in your neck of the woods if you’re looking for a cup of java and maybe a slice of good cheese 🙂

  9. TERRY, this corrrrrrrrffees + cheeses place you’re talking about …. Is that the same joint that’s famous for its “Hot Tongue n’ Cold Shoulder” plate ?

  10. Coffee & Cheese combined seems like one step
    forward and two steps back. Now cheesecake,I can
    can get down with…

  11. You know KERSEY, for the longest time cheesecake was like bagels for me – a BIG NO-NO ! But … lately I’ve come around a little bit and, it ain’t so bad ….

  12. TERRY, that would be a NEGATIVE. Starbucks will NEVER be a part of this cat’s reality …. And you can take that to The OBAMAMAN’S bank, girlfriend !

    • Well this gal is partial to Dunkin Donuts…love the munchkins waaaay more than I should. Every time I drive by their cute orange/pink sign I’m rolling down the window at the drive thru! On a good day I stick with a coffee…on a bad day, well my wallet is emptied.

  13. KENNY G is a scratch golfer + is a regular on the celebriy tournament circuit. FRISCO used to make the links scene until FELICIA got sick of being home alone all the time w/ the kids. Plus, I think FRISCO is a bit of a playah, so ….

  14. TERRY , know what you mean about seeing a sign + then having a conditioned response to it. Back in the day, I could never drive by Endicott Drug Store w/o venturing in for … the COLDEST BEER in town ! Would grab a couple of racks + head acoss the street To PICKLE D’S Texaco Station + kill the afternoon …. Ah, the memories ….

  15. Felicia ended up abandoning those little girls…and poor Mac had to do all the heavy lifting!!

    Thoughts of Pickles always make me rather sad. Good man, tough life!

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care for Starbucks’ edible items (not to mention the coffee)? I think I’m low maintenance when it comes to my food consumption habits.

  16. Back in the day, before FRISCO + the girlies, FELICIA ran a small breakfast joint by the same name over in Wolcott Sq. …. Just your average whole in the wall greasy spoon but she did pretty good business, + really gave KELLY’S a run for the money …. Went through some TUMS back in those days, let me tell you ….

  17. Mr. KERSEY, do you know if HAWK was ever able to find FELICIA’S cute,little jacket that was lost up @the courthouse ?

  18. You got lost in space? Only 5 comments ago ? Listen young lady, you best get up to speed. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. None of this stuff is above your pay grade. CAPICHE ?!?! There’s no such thing as a stupid question. If you need help, ask for it + you shall receive. GOT IT ?

  19. Hey GB…I may need to seek assistance tomorrow. I sort of volunteered (gently enlisted) to help prepare some first graders for a math fair. Hello? Me + Math = BAD NEWS

    Keep your darn fingers crossed for me, please!

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