Book Buzz….


Not to restate the obvious, but I’m a bit of a book nut.  Television.  Music.  Movies.  They all pale in comparison to a great novel.  That’s the way it has always been for me…and today I had a chance to spend some time with a bunch of six-year olds just beginning their own journey with reading.  Everyone was excited to pick up a new story; even those who struggled to pronounce the sometimes complex words.  Being a Book Buddy was a nice reminder of how entertaining, as well as educational, reading can and should be.  Next month I get to return to my son’s first grade class and be a Book Buddy all over again.  I can’t wait.


Tomorrow I venture back to his classroom.  This time I am helping a group of four students prepare a math project to display at the Diocesan wide Math Fair in late April.  Uh…I probably should have warned my son’s teacher that math and science weren’t my strongest suits.  For the past week my husband has been asking if in fact ‘I am smarter than a first grader’.  After tomorrow I might have an answer for him J  Right now it’s too close to call.


Switching gears…there was an interesting tidbit in today’s USA Today regarding their top selling book list:

This week, one-quarter of the list’s top 50 books are romance novels, and 20% of the books new to the list are in that category. It could be a sign of the times. Romance, especially paranormal romance, and science-fiction/fantasy novels are “outperforming all other categories” at Borders, says buyer Micha Hershman. “There is some escapism going on. There’s clearly an element of ‘How do I get out of the daily grind?’

This is why I need to BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard).  I’ve been a complete procrastinator because I hit a plot hole (not to be confused with a pothole) in my current work in progress.  The fact that I keep switching between three brand new manuscripts isn’t exactly helping my overall productivity. Frankly our economy is likely to recover long before I reach the end of any of these stories.


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