Excuse my Shameless Borrowing….


I found this link on the website of Samhain Superwoman Angela James and couldn’t resist building my own hero.  If your Monday has been as long as mine has, take a moment to unwind by making your very own cartoon hero at http://cpbintegrated.com/theherofactory/



4 thoughts on “Excuse my Shameless Borrowing….

  1. What!No bald Heroes? I know of one just one,
    right off the bat! They must be out there,we
    need all our heroes to get their props

  2. Bless your heart, Mr Kersey. Take a deep breath. Relax. You can build a bald superhero…simply click the option with an X through it when you are in the hair selection area. I will never support discrimination on this site — especially against those who suffer follicle challenges.

    Who loves ya, baby?

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