Put Down that Paddle….


Over the course of the past few years I’ve attended numerous charitable events where Silent and Live Auctions have been conducted.  My husband and I have walked away from almost every event empty handed.  (On one such sad occasion we were outbid in the last few seconds on a Fenway Park package – ouch!). 


On Saturday night we attended a Benefit Gala for our children’s school at a local country club.  Now, based on our poor success rate, my husband has developed the dangerous habit of bidding on a ton of items.  As he scoured the ballroom upping his bids on a score of items, I wondered what his reaction would be if he actually won.  As we sat down for dinner I suggested we might want to hold off on bidding during the Live Auction — since we had no idea how many items we might have picked up during the Silent Auction.   Paddle Boy couldn’t resist….however!


By eleven-thirty we tallied up our bounty….and loaded our SUV full of gift baskets.  I laughed the whole way home because Paddle Boy was like a four-year old who just scored big at Toys ‘R’ Us. 


Oh, in case you’re wondering…golf and beer were the common themes in our gift items. 


6 thoughts on “Put Down that Paddle….

  1. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream ….
    Oh, I’m sorry, you were talking about the creek ….

  2. I see the word Creek..and I think Dawson’s Creek…which makes me think of poor Katie Holmes…which in turn makes me think of Tom Cruise…which now leaves me with a touch of indigestion 🙂

  3. The KATIE makeover ? I have no idea. As my pal WILLIAM JOEL used to croon, ” I like you just the way you are …. “

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