Confessions of a Fan Girl….


Imagine, if you will, two women walking down the street.  For arguments sake let’s say one is Julia Roberts and the other is Nora Roberts.  Believe it or not there is a good chance that Ms. Pretty Woman could walk within two feet of me and I wouldn’t blink a Maybelline eyelash.  La Nora, on the other hand, is going to hear the click of my cell phone taking pictures for the next ten blocks.

Even if you change up the players, throw in Hugh Jackman instead of Julia and Kristan Higgins in place of Nora…results = unchanged.  This probably puts me squarely in the category of superior geekdom, but this weekend I spent about 24 hours gawking at best selling authors, notable editors, and highly sought after agents.  It was heavenly.

As a relatively new writer I was a basket of jangly nerves when I registered for the New England Chapter’s (RWA) annual conference.  Friday night as I nibbled on dinner (my focus squarely on submitting to memory the name and face of every author I met) I realized how darn lucky I was to be in attendance.  When my name was announced as the third place winner in the Short Contemporary category of their published author contest — my smile was as wide as our nation’s budget deficit.    I was actually being recognized for my first book at the same podium as Jennifer Greene, Susan Wiggs, Kristan Higgins, Deidre Knight (they won/placed in different categories; only Kristan and Jennifer were actually present).  Hmm, a very fun moment, indeed J

The workshops were wonderful — and tomorrow I’ll blog about what some of the speakers had to say about industry trends.  Be prepared….I’m going to be in gush mode all week!!! 


10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fan Girl….

    • OMG…YouTube is littered with Stanky Leg Dance videos…we live in a very strange world my friend. I’m actually working hard to ignore the upcoming start of MLB action….I need to focus on ‘Nova in the final four next weekend!!!!!!


    • I imagine Mr. Kersey is having a difficult day. The world will be a much sadder place without Reva and Josh in it! I’m still dealing with my own shock over the news 😦


    • Oh, so sorry to be the one breaking the news to you. After over seventy years the Guiding Light has been given the pink slip by CBS!!!!

      Say goodbye to Hollywood…say goodbye my baby!!!


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