Networking…Not so Much!

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Confession # 29    I’m a bit of a wallflower when it comes to unfamiliar surroundings and events.  Often times my brain cells wage an internal war on whether I should press forward or retreat to the nearest vending machine.  This past weekend I found myself doing a little bit of both.  Fortunately, the rumors I have heard in the past were proven accurate.  The writing industry (RWA events both big and small) is comprised of extremely welcoming and generous individuals. 


The truth is I didn’t encounter a single person that wasn’t pretty darn nice.  Seriously nice.  Lisa Gardner.  Kristan Higgins.  Hank Phillippi Ryan.  Anna DeStefano.  Every one of them was down to earth, funny, and eager to answer questions.


As for editors, Brenda Chin (Harlequin), Raelene Gorlinsky (Ellora’s Cave) and Leah Hultenschmidt (Dorchester) were classy, professional, and upbeat about opportunities for new and existing authors.  Since I didn’t have a particular manuscript that I was interested in pitching – my interaction with both the editors and agents was limited to panel discussions that they held.  While they were honest about market shrinkage, they were equally candid about areas that were viewed as growth opportunities.


Hmm, what else did I want to share?  Oh, I picked up a book from an author that was new to me — Marie Force.  If you are a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, which I am, I think you would love Marie’s Line of Scrimmage.   It was a five star read for me — which doesn’t happen often. 



I’ll end today with a little — YAHOO!  I just received my print copies of Ready to Take a Chance Again which releases on Friday.  Since this is the first book I’ve had in print format I’m pretty darn excited!!!!!



One thought on “Networking…Not so Much!

  1. Some immediate family members, who will of course go unnamed, are quintessential networkers. Have you given consideration to soliciting their good counsel ?

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