Are You Ready?




Turning to Barry Manilow for inspiration seemed desperate, even to Grace Winston. Nevertheless, a warbled rendition of Ready to Take a Chance Again, chased down with an overabundance of cheap chardonnay, and Grace is primed for an extreme life makeover. Now she must choose between a flame that burned her in the past and an engaging man with a past of his own.

After a decade in the military, Jake Magee is finally ready to settle down with the woman he has spent years dreaming about.  Unfortunately past mistakes threaten to derail his plan to show Grace he can be the man she always wanted.  To win her heart he must first find a way to win back her trust.


Purchase a copy from the following:



This was my very first manuscript…so it holds an extra special place in my heart!  Pick up a copy — it will have you dreaming of the beaches on Cape Cod!



8 thoughts on “Are You Ready?

  1. Now…take a deep breath. Go to — type in the book title “Ready to Take a Chance Again” and order fifty copies of my book for your nearest and dearest.

    Next week you could hang outside the square and pass out copies — a little neighbors helping neighbors during this economically turbulent time!


  2. Oh but WHICH square is your fav Mr. KERSEY, which square ? And isn’t The Mayflower Beach the most photographed beach in the world ?

  3. Mr. Kersey,

    The scene you describe is heavenly…perhaps it shall be the setting for my next manuscript! I can’t imagine a more inspirational locale in all the world :—-)


  4. TERRY, I don’t know what’s come over me. Been humming + singing MANILOW tunes to myself all weekend. Hopefully, this phase will come to an abrupt + screaching stop real soon. Do you think there’s reason to be concerned about my masculinity ?

  5. Mr. Good Boy — thanks for opening up to us about your concerns! If you find yourself humming Manilow + Cher + Bette Midler, then I think you might have an inner diva trying to break free. Don’t fret…this is common. However, if you begin channeling Celine Dion I would recommend you turn off all listening devices until you are able to regroup. Sending luck and hugs your way 🙂


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