Almost Here…


Easter Weekend…Since my children are still relatively young (5 and 6) I devote ample time preparing baskets stuffed with candy & small toys.  This year I stumbled when looking for grass.  For some reason the clingy, annoying fake green stuff was impossible to find.  Target — had not a blade!  After hitting three stores I had to settle for a sad, crushed package that had a tiny hole in it!!!!  I hope there hasn’t been an underground conspiracy to rid the earth of this Easter essential…I mean it must be recyclable, right?  I’m thinking about stockpiling it like bottled water, in the event of a future crisis.



Hmm, this past week ushered in the start of another season of MLB.  Now, I’m a big old baseball fan – love the game, whether I’m watching every night from home or whether I’m at the stadium shucking peanuts.  My boys are off to a weak start.  I know…I know….the season has just started (the Red Sox are 1-3, so far).  But there’s no spark in their eyes.  No spring in their step.  This is the time to work out the little kinks.  But if I were a betting kind of gal, I’d place them third in their division when September rolls around. 



Okay, I have to shout out a HUGE — THANK YOU — to everyone that has purchased a copy (or multiple copies) of my book (Kelly & Wink you ROCK)!

I’m still sitting on top of my publisher’s best seller list as of this morning.



Ready To Take A Chance Again



Happy Easter to All!  See you back here next week J



4 thoughts on “Almost Here…

  1. Some say,that Willie Nelson grabbed it all
    to make bio-fuel!!What’s the Marshall Tucker Band
    up to these day’s?

  2. Ah, I’m spending my Monday snagging chocolate from my children’s Easter Baskets. Since they always have way too much candy — I figure I’m doing them a favor!!!


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