It Feels Like Monday all Over Again….


I think excessive consumption of chocolate is dragging me down.  Today I feel a little like a stuffed trout with a gooey marshmallow middle.  Instead of nibbling on more candy eggs I’m crunching chocolate flavored animal crackers.  No, the effect is not quite as exhilarating.  But, alas, the fat grams are not quite as grim either. 

Although I’m not a huge TV addict I’ve finally latched on to a show other than NCIS.  On Monday nights ABC has a new detective program called Castle.   While it’s far from flawless it has some good dialogue and fun characters.

Last night as I was staring at my bedroom ceiling listening to a house full of snoring individuals (human and canine) I had a brainstorm about a previously completed manuscript.  It didn’t exactly make me happy because now I’m considering revamping the first three chapters (although it may be infinitely wiser to leave the darn thing alone).  Touching and re-touching doesn’t always improve the quality 🙂

May is just around the corner….bringing with it one of my FAVORITE charity auctions.   Once again Brenda Novak will be conducting her month long fundraiser for Diabetes Research.   The items available are amazing.  Maybe this will be the year I actually wind up as the top bidder on something.  For three years I’ve lost out during the last hour!!!   Here’s the link if you want to scope it out early:

I’ve dropped to the number two spot on my Publisher’s bestselling list.  So, if you haven’t picked up a copy of my latest release now is a great time to make a purchase!  (Gosh, I’m persistent).

Make it a great day!



5 thoughts on “It Feels Like Monday all Over Again….

  1. “So long, and make it a good day.” This was the daily sign off of JACK CHASE, news anchor, WBZ-TV, Channel 4, Boston, circa 1965. Just thought you should know ….

  2. Glad to see I’m not the only one lovin’ Castle.
    Congrats selling well. Promoting is fabulous.
    It seems like redoing is the key to remaking. Remember to stay on tract.

  3. Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m hoping Castle is drawing enough viewers to survive. New shows seem to drop off so quickly!!!

    Promoting my second release is just as much of a mystery as my first book. I have a couple of ads running (The Romance Studio and Coffee Time Romance), so I feel like I’m at least trying.


  4. Hi Good Boy— thanks for popping in and once again expanding my knowledge. Of course, I have not a clue about Jack Chase 🙂 No surprise there, I’m sure!

    Bless your heart, Mr. Kersey. I am a huge fan of Murder She Wrote. I still watch the repeats of Ms. Lansbury on cable. Those were the days my friend!


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