Tuesday Afternoon….chasing the clouds away!


Mood:  Sunny

Weather:  Sunny

What’s Playing on the Ipod:  Sunny Afternoon  by the Kinks

Reading:  Snowbound by Larissa Ione (had to throw in something offseason)

Had a wonderful trip to Boston…three days of pure goofiness with my family!  This was an extra special trip because my kids had the opportunity to spend time with my Godmother Teresa, who is an absolute pistol.  Picture Estelle Getty high on corn syrup and that’s Teresa. 

I’m really hoping to get the kids outside today — as soon as my air conditioning repairman wraps up his visit, I want to enjoy the beautiful weather before it disappears.  Because here in W. New York, it disappears quickly. For now I’m empyting suitcases, folding laundry, and reading through a hard copy of a semi-completed manuscript.  If I get through a full round of self edits this week I’ll be happy!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon….chasing the clouds away!

  1. Sitting here sipping on my ice cold beer I just had to resond. Tell Sean that he forfeits the water fight because he did not show.
    Martin Riggs aka The Apeman

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