The Heat is On…..

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Weekend forecast:  Sunny and Warm (High around 80)

Yesterday was one of those weird days full of tiny surprises – both good and bad.  Met up with friends for an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese.  Now normally I’m a big old stinker when it comes to C.E.C.  Too many people.  Too much noise.  Too many germs.  Since it’s spring break here I was envisioning a massive crowd…but it was actually more than 1/2 empty.  No line at the door.  No line for games.  No mistaking your red shirted child for fifty other little boys sporting the same exact color.  We had fun, without the headache.

Hmm…my not so happy surprise came later that night when I snuck out to my neighborhood Border’s.  I’m a bookstore addict that stays home more often now because of my Kindle.  Now when I slip off to the store it’s like a really special treat.  Like C.E.C it was also almost empty.   Unlike the former it looked like it was preparing for change  —- possible closure.  Every shelf was in the process of being audited (white slip taped neatly to the upper corner).  Yes, I’ve known this will probably be their last year in operation but still it felt like a big old kick in the gut.  Maybe I’m wrong.  I hope I’m wrong.  ‘Cause I’m not ready to say goodbye 😦  And I’m not ready to switch my business over to Barnes and Noble.


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