Should I Be Concerned…


I’ve developed a new obsession.  One that leaves me feeling slightly disconcerted.  The origin of my illness (‘cause it does seem like a sickness) can be traced directly to my husband.  Not that he should shoulder all of the blame…just a healthy portion. 


Say it with me now….CAR FREAK!  I’ve morphed into a teenage boy – hungering for a muscle car.  In my household we tend to purchase new cars as frequently as others replace their windshield wipers.  Generally speaking, if a vehicle lasts two full years we consider it a success. 


While my husband gravitates toward pick-up trucks, Hummers and Sport Utility vehicles, I want power.  As pathetic as it sounds I’ve actually written a wish list on the off chance my husband wins the lottery or locates a long lost rich relative.  With the shaky state of the auto industry I’m almost afraid that some will be extinct — if they haven’t already swallowed the pink juice.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR (2008) wallpaper 3


See full size image





DODGE CHARGER (love this car)


                                                                      FORD THUNDERBIRD (which I think is out of production – I’d settle for used)

My wish list goes on and on.  Seriously I’m driving by showrooms, something I laugh at my husband for doing.  When I spot a favorite at a stoplight I find myself hoping that the signal doesn’t turn to green quickly — allowing me ample time to ogle the goods.  Sad but entirely true. 

Do  you think if someone that loves me reads this post that they might be tempted to surprise me?  Yeah…not happening.  But a girl can dream 🙂


7 thoughts on “Should I Be Concerned…

  1. Confession time, Mr Kersey….I had to GOOGLE Gary Numan because my brain synapses weren’t firing fast enough for me to figure out the “Cars” song you reference. Can you say, duh?


  2. Hey GB! There is a guy in my neighborhood that has the Charger in a gunmetal color — it is FABU! Take a test drive my friend and report back on interior space (particularly in the backseat). I tote kids around quite a bit and worry it would not accommodate my needs — but it could work as a spare car!!!! See, I’m still dreaming here 🙂

  3. I hope you both had a chance to see Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino…what an amazing movie! It was one of those flicks that I loved way more than I would have ever imagined 🙂

    Add it to my darn wish list….


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