Totally Tired Tuesday…


Right now I’m sitting in the corner of my room desperately trying to ignore two sky-high piles of dirty laundry.  Sadly, my legs are aching – all the way to the bone and it’s my own darn fault.  Occasionally I fool myself into believing that I’m not in horrible shape.  I ride my recumbent bike 4-5 days a week for fifty minutes.  Sounds good but the reality is it only does so much.  This past weekend my husband and I tackled yard work for the first time this season – ouch!  We spread 37 bags of red lava rock, removed five old bushes that lined the front of our house, and planted two new azalea bushes.  Now my arms, legs and back are creaking like an eighty year old! 

So, instead of squaring off against household work I’m dabbling at the computer.  My husband is away until Thursday so I figure no one will notice the layer of dust coating every visible surface.  Of course I’ll have to deal with it sooner or later….preferably much later. 

I’m thinking about tinkering with my current work in progress despite the protestations of my frontal lobe.  Frankly my brain picked up a whole new story idea over the weekend (which was not desired).  I’ve been struggling enough with competing projects…I really need to get serious!  Wow, all of a sudden tackling the laundry sounds oddly appealing.


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